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Urban Brew and BBQ Grocery Program

My wife and I had concerns about going to the grocery store and staying safely away from others, in addition to having difficulty finding proteins and other grocery items in the stores.

So, we asked a few people if they’d be interested in buying groceries through Urban and very quickly, we had enough ordered to bring in a whole shipment!

We figure other folks may be in the same boat and would rather not go out in public, so we created this. We’re really proud to be a part of a great community and are trying to do our part to support it.

Here’s how it works…

  • Sign up to receive emails. We send updated grocery lists out every day.

Grocery List Sign Up

  • Once you’ve received the grocery list, choose what items you’d like to purchase and the quantities and email your order to [email protected]. No need to include pricing.
    • Please state whether you’d like to do pick-up or delivery
    • For both delivery and pick-up orders please include your phone number in the email to us
  • After you’ve submitted your order you’ll receive a confirmation email with an estimation of your price. The price is an estimate because prices are constantly changing right now.
    • If you choose pick-up you’ll also receive a pick-up time. When you come for pick-up please pull into the alley behind the restaurant and don’t get out of your car or roll down your window. Please unlock your trunk or back seat and someone will place the groceries in your vehicle. They will then come to the driver's side window and copy the numbers off of your credit card for payment.
    • If you choose delivery, you will receive a call the day of to confirm your address and pick-up time. The delivery fee can be paid on the ticket as a tip, and there isn’t a set amount. The delivery fee is whatever you think is fair.
  • If there are items that you’d like to purchase but aren’t on the list send me a private email and I’ll see what I can do.

In addition to our grocery service, URBAN Brew & BBQ and our neighbors at The Floribbean are still open for takeout. Orders for pickup can be placed online at and

Both are also offering takeout delivery by utilizing unemployed hospitality workers. Existing delivery services take 30% of the revenue from restaurants so we’re trying to encourage customers to use delivery services offered by the restaurants themselves and keep the money local.