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Over the years we’ve changed a lot about our business and our packaging and how we approach things and think about things. Styrofoam has changed to compostable paper, plastic straws to metal straws, vegan and vegetarian options, sustainably raised and harvested chicken, pork and beef.


This isn’t a political stance – we represent many views within our workforce. It has more to do with what we think makes sense. The extra expense we incur to be more sustainable we view as an investment in our community. Could we be more sustainable – I’m sure. Will we be in the future – maybe.


We are where we are right now because we the employees view it as important.


This view with our food and our supplies ties into our view with our employees as well. It’s why we offer health benefits when we’re not required to as well as guarantee a livable wage of at least $16/hour. At the end of the day, Urban is a business but we want it to be a sustainable one.