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Hello, and welcome to my page! I am Andy’s wife, Jill. I am also a dermatologist turned stay-at-home mom thanks to COVID-19.

When coronavirus broke out, I was extremely weary of going to the grocery store due to health concerns, in addition to having difficulty finding important staple items. This lead to Andy starting his grocery program, which I am so incredibly thankful for. I can honestly say that I haven’t been to the grocery store since he started it. Each day we find new items to bring on the grocery menu to expand our own menu at home. We are only able to do that because of your support, so THANK YOU!

We have 3 young boys at home and I TRY to prepare a meal each night. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s chicken nuggets or quesadillas (you can get these items from Urban Grocery too!), but for the most part I want to give them a structured, healthy meal each night and I am no chef. I’ve struggled with finding recipes and preparing meals with grocery items that are readily available. So I decided to start this page to give you some recipes that are easy, delicious and even better – all items can be purchased through Urban Grocery.

I also really enjoy baking, so I will be adding recipes for the baked goods we’ve been trying at home as well. You may end up finding more of those because me and the boys bake together so much. I hope you enjoy!!