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What can we say, we love bourbon! We love to pour it neat and smell how
the aroma changes with a couple drops of water; look for the smells of
oak and smoke and cherry. We love to enjoy it in cocktail and experiment
with different brands and flavors to find the best compliment to the
distiller’s creation. We love to compare them side by side to taste the
difference in age and proof. What can we say, we love bourbon!

And if you do to – we’ve got a great line-up that we continually curate for
you to enjoy. We look for three major things when we choose a bourbon
or rye to put on our list. Taste, sourcing, story.

Taste – if it doesn’t taste good then nothing else matters. You are trusting
us a bit to be your taste guides with our choices but can bartenders that
have drank this much whiskey be wrong?!

Sourcing - For those that don’t follow the American whiskey market closely
or are just starting to explore more – there are a number of companies
that source bourbon from a few large manufacturers, put their label on it,
possibly treat it or blend it, and then sell it as their own. It doesn’t mean
that these whiskeys taste bad – but we appreciate what it means to make
something from scratch so much we wanted to reflect that in our whiskey
menu by supporting companies that do the same. (a quick way to tell on a
whiskey label is if it says ‘distilled and bottled by…’ versus just ‘bottled

Story – We’re a small, independently owned establishment that has a few
stories of our own so we appreciate the whiskey brands that have a good
whopper behind them, or a true down home genesis that resulted in
something special through a lot of luck and hard work. Whiskey, like food,
like any business is a result of people and we want to like the people we
support – so we try and know their story and what makes them unique.

Below you’ll see what we’ve selected to share with you – cheers!

Bourbon & Cocktail Menu