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We are a BBQ restaurant, but we also have plenty of southern comfort on our menu as well. One thing
all the dishes have in common is that they’re made from scratch. It takes a little longer, but we believe
the end result of making something right makes the extra steps extremely worth it. To view our menu,
please click here.
Something else unique about our offerings is that we only serve free range chicken and hogs that aren’t
grown in commercial houses where they never see the outside and beef that’s raised in the appropriate
amount of space and never vaccinated. Why?

Responsibility and taste.

The food industry over generations has taken a focus on profits above anything else. This has resulted in
the cheapest, quickest to market product being the most sought after. Farmers have been rewarded for
their volume, not their quality or stewardship. It’s not one companies fault, it’s not one farmers fault,
it’s not one individuals fault. Honestly, it’s all of our fault that chicken and pork grow houses exist and
cattle are raised in conditions smaller than what should be sustainable.


So, we’ve decided to do our part by purchasing proteins that are sustainably raised. This impacts our
bottom line negatively, and we accept that because we’re proud of what we’re putting on the plate and
inviting you to participate in. By choosing to partner with farmers that raise and harvest their animals
more humanely we’re bringing you healthier food and a meal that aligns with our value system –
specifically never taking advantage or abusing anyone or anything in our processes of being a restaurant.


A huge bonus to all of this is the meat tastes BETTER! At the end of the day, we can only elevate the
taste of ingredients so much. Higher quality ingredients leads to better flavors. Even if sustainably raised
animals didn’t taste better we’d still do it – but….they do. Enjoy!