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We are a BBQ restaurant and that means it takes time to cook our meats. A lot of time! But there’s nothing like the flavor you can extract from historically unappreciated cuts of meat after they’ve been smoked for hours and hours at a low temperature.

Sometimes we get asked what kind of BBQ are we. Being that we’re in Florida, we don’t have a regional type that we’re stuck with and that’s why the brisket is only seasoned with salt and pepper and then cooked over hickory like you’d see in Texas. The pork is rubbed with our house ‘pork rub’ like you’d see in West Tennessee and then smoked with the fat cap removed so that it yields a less fatty bite. The ribs are rubbed with the same rub and smoked until the meat is tender but not falling off the bone. You can slather any of this in a sweet sauce that isn’t quite as sweet as a KC sauce, or a tangy vinegar sauce that isn’t quite as acidic as a true Carolina sauce, or you can eat it dry like you would in Memphis. What we’re trying to say is we claim to not imitate any one style of BBQ, just appropriate our favorite parts of all of them.

But just because we love smoking meat doesn’t mean we don’t put that same attention and intensity to everything else on our menu. We think restaurants should cook food, not just serve it – scratch cookin’ baby! We hope you like our offerings of classic dishes and some new ones we’ve been inspired to think up. Enjoy!